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Heirloom Beans [Rancho Gordo]

Heirloom Beans [Rancho Gordo]

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We're honored to be sharing our favorite heirloom beans with you!
Current varieties available described below. Select your preferred one from the item drop-down menu.

Instructions for cooking beans a la Rancho Gordo: CLICK HERE.

Varieties Currently IN STOCK :: 

Cassoulet (Tarbais) Bean
West Coast–grown from classic French Tarbais seed stock. The most famous bean for a traditional cassoulet but versatile enough to become an everyday favorite.
Suggestions: Cassoulet, casseroles, soups, pasta e fagioli, baked beans, dips

Midnight Black 
A classic, versatile, essential black turtle bean. It holds its shape through lots of cooking yet retains its famous creamy interior.
Suggestions: Salads, chili, refried beans, dips, soups, pot beans, Brazilian feijoada

Mayocoba Bean
Creamy and versatile, Mayocoba has a pale yellow hue and super soft texture.
Suggestions: Soups, refried beans, pot beans, dips

Royal Corona Bean
Enormous, thick-skinned runner beans with a surprisingly creamy interior. One of our all-time best sellers, it's a versatile giant that works in all kinds of cuisines. A true pantry staple.
Suggestions: Pot beans, soups, pasta e fagioli, casseroles, cassoulet, salads, dips

Santa Maria Pinquito Bean
The small, dense orbs produce a beefy bean broth. An essential part of California cuisine, they are the heart of a tri-tip barbecue and yet they're perfectly at home in meatless meals.
Suggestions: Santa Maria-style barbecue, salads, soups, pot beans, chili, casseroles, baked beans, dips

Vaquero Bean
A classic chili bean that holds its shape through long, slow, cooking and exudes a generous, dark, rich broth.
Suggestions: Chili, salads, soups, casseroles, dips, pot beans

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