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Hueso [Baguette]

Hueso [Baguette]

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Similar to a baguette, this is a pure masa madre long bread with a crispy crust with a chewy center. A perfect piece of bread to eat in one sitting and meant to be eaten same-day or reheated the day after. 

Huesos make for a nice long sandwich or are lovely when sliced thinly to serve as vehicles for delicious spreads and cheeses.  We encourage you to tear into one to enjoy alongside a salad or soup.
Hot Tip: They freeze wonderfully - just wrap tightly in plastic - and can be reheated in 5-10 minutes directly from the freezer to the warm oven for those days when you don’t have fresh bread around.

Quebrados are “broken” Huesos, named for the easily pull-apart shape of the bread.  Experience the satisfaction of pulling off a crispy chewy nugget of bread. This version is beautiful for presenting on a charcuterie board or to bring to a picnic for perfect snacking portions. 

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Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Bread Flour, Filtered Water, Sea Salt, Sourdough Starter

This item is made with masa madre which means it is naturally leavened and fermented with sourdough.  Think of sourdough/masa madre as a method of cultivating wild yeasts for baking rather than just bread with a tangy/sour flavor.  We strive to make balanced tasting breads and pastries because we believe in the wisdom and ancient tradition of baking with natural leaven and it provides a chance to taste the nuances of the beautiful grains and ingredients we’ve selected. Buen provecho! Con mucho gusto.  

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